Can You Still Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


A lot of people still ask the question is it possible to still make money with affiliate marketing?

And the quick answer is yes, but I’ll explain how soon.

But first, back in the day, (and we’re only talking about 4 or 5 years ago), the online marketing scene was a little different. There weren’t so many automated tools out there that would get your website or web property indexed in the search engines quickly.

Done By Hand

In fact a lot of folks used to do it by hand, which is an extremely laborious task to say the least.

And for those who don’t know why this is important, then let’s just say that it’s because the task enables you to rank your website or webpage in the search engines, which allows people to find your website when they type in a certain keyword phrase.

So if people can find you when they type in a search phrase then you’ll have the opportunity to present them with your offer or your vendors offer and if a sale takes place you get paid a commission.

This being the case, it meant that it was somewhat easier to get placement on the first page of Google and other search engines (back in the day), which for some people made them think that it was easy to make money online – back then.

Old Tricks No Longer Work

However, times have definitely changed and all of those old “tricks” that used to work in getting your website indexed and ranked in the search engines are null and void now.

I believe as search engines evolve further, the algorithm that sorts and ranks website will also change in direct response.

What has changed is that the way to get indexed and ranked in the search engines is a little more complicated – not so much different, but just a little more “sensitive” so to speak.

Back in the good old days, you simply ranked in the search engines by getting as many back links to your website as possible.

Websites Get Punished

But doing so these days will get your website either de-indexed or de-ranked in the search engines, especially if all the back links have been automated or created for the sole purpose of manipulated the search engine rankings.

But one thing hasn’t changed and that is how the search engines rank a website.

Google and other search engines still use back links as a way of  ranking, but most of the old back link websites no longer work making them redundant.

High Quality Websites

Nope the way forward to get high quality back links from high quality websites. Websites that are seen by the search engines as authority websites are the one to go after, because the search engines see them as a good source of information.

So by getting links from these kind of websites can help you to get ranked in the search engines in a shorter period of time. Finding these websites to get a back link from is however the hard part.

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